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 T. Free Agents, FCFS and Waivers

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T. Free Agents, FCFS and Waivers Empty
PostSubject: T. Free Agents, FCFS and Waivers   T. Free Agents, FCFS and Waivers EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 5:04 pm

T.1 Free Agent
A free agent is defined as any player not on a RWDOC team roster.  Once a player is dropped from a roster he is LOCKED until the next waivers process.  If he goes unclaimed in waivers, he will be available on a first come, first serve (FCFS) basis like all other free agents.  The act of picking up players and releasing them to lock them from your opponent is called "roster churning" and is strictly prohibited.  If a player is added and dropped in the same week that player will be unlocked so that they are accessible to other teams on a FCFS basis.

T.2 Blind Bidding Waiver System
The blind bid waiver system is a system where owners may place bids on players using their WBs.  If a franchise has no WBs, they may bid on players during waivers but can only enter 0WB as the amount of their bid.  This process occurs on the MFL site, not on our forum.

T.3 Blind Bidding Process
Dropped players are always locked until the next blind bid waivers are processed.  Bids can start Mondays at 9:00pmCT and can be placed through Tuesday at 9:00pmCT.  This process begins once our draft is completed.  At 9:00pmCT on Tuesday, myfantasyleague.com will process the bids.  Only the winning team will have the amount deducted from their WB balance.  If two teams bid the same highest amount the worst ranked team will win (based on record, points and power rank).  If ranked the same, first to make the winning bid will win. 

T.4 Blind Bidding Rules

A. The minimum bid that can be placed is 0WB.
B. All bids must be made in increments of 1WB (No bids of 1.50 for example).

C. There is no limit to the number of players bid upon or acquired each week.

D. The blind bid waivers are conditional waivers.  What this means is that within MFL's waivers, each "round" counts as a selection so if you want to add more than one player, you must setup more than one round.  Order of those rounds does not matter as blind bid amount is what takes priority.

E. All free agents (and rosters) are locked at 9pmCT Sunday of the Roster Wars Championship game. (Week 16)

T.5 First Come First Serve Waivers (FCFS)

A. From 9:15pmCT Tuesday until Monday at 9:00pmCT, it is a first come first serve (FCFS) waiver period.  Players from any games that start before this time will be locked at kickoff of their game and are only available to be bid on during the blind bid waiver process. There is no limit to the number of players you may acquire each week during FCFS.

B. If a NFLFA is picked up by a NFL team that has already played their game for the week then that player cannot be added until the upcoming waivers process.  In the event that this happens, the NFLFA in question must have been picked up BEFORE the kickoff time of the NFL team that added him in order for him to be a member of your team.
(Example 1) The Giants play Thursday Night and their RB tears his ACL.  On Friday, you add NFLFA PLAYER X.  On Saturday (at least officially), the Giants announce they're signing PLAYER X.  PLAYER X will be removed from your roster and go through waivers.

(Example 2) On Wednesday, you pick up NFLFA PLAYER X.  On Thursday Night, the Dolphins play and lose their RB to an ACL tear.  On Saturday, it's announced that the Dolphins are adding PLAYER X.  **PLAYER X will remain on your roster because you picked him up BEFORE the Dolphins game kicked off.

T.6 Additional Notes

A.  No players may be released from the beginning of week 16 until January 1st at least.  (The RWP will announce adjustments to this time frame if needed)

B.  Any player who is dropped during the annual draft shall be locked until the post-draft waivers so all franchises have equal opportunity to acquire the player.

C. In June first come, first serve (FCFS) free agency opens.  The RWP will announce the exact time/date.  There is no cost for adding players during this period.  Contracts are undetermined at this time but will show up as the default 0 years.  Any player added during this period and dropped will cost the 1 year minimum of 5WB.

D. By July 31st, all contracts (drafted players and free agent pickups) must be declared.   What this means is that for a few weeks after the draft, you are able to add players in free agency that you are allowed to sign to multiple year contracts but after this period, all pickups will be defaulted to 1 year deals.  Any player added during this period and dropped will cost the 1 year minimum of 5WB.

E. After the July 31st deadline above, Roster Wars is considered in-season and all players picked up in FCFS or waivers will be assigned default 1 year contract.

F. On Tuesdays (in-season) at 9:00pm CT when waivers process, there will be a 15 minute window of no moves, after which teams may add/drop players in a FCFS fashion.  

G. At 9:00pmCT on the Sunday of week 16, all players will be locked and FCFS will be closed until June again.

T.7 Unsigned Free agents that ARE NOT in the MFL database
These are players who are not on a NFL team, who are NOT in college and have been NFL draft eligible.  They may or may not be currently playing in other professional football leagues.  Kids in high school, middle school, elementary school and preschool are not permitted.   laughing

In order to acquire one of these players, you need to take 2 steps in Roster Wars:

A. On the MFL site, you need to add one of the CUSTOM PLAYERS made for our league (named DD-PLAYER 1,  DD-PLAYER 2, DD-PLAYER 3 etc etc).  There is a separate group for each conference (named TT-PLAYER 1,  TT-PLAYER 2, TT-PLAYER 3 etc etc).

B. Then you need to post to your team thread what the actual name of the player is that you have just acquired.  The RWP will then add the players name in the "notes" field for that player so everyone can clearly see who it is.

1. You have 24 hours from the time you pick the CUSTOM PLAYER up on MFL to get that player named on your team thread however naming them in your team thread is required to lock up the player.  (If another owner adds a CUSTOM PLAYER and names them in their team thread, THAT OWNER would be considered first and awarded the player even if you added a CUSTOM PLAYER before they did if you did not name the player in your team thread

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T. Free Agents, FCFS and Waivers
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