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 P. Franchise schedules

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P. Franchise schedules Empty
PostSubject: P. Franchise schedules   P. Franchise schedules EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 3:21 pm

P.1 Regular Season
The regular season will last twelve (12) weeks, the first twelve weeks of the NFL season. Each franchise will play 6 division and 6 non-division games. Every franchise plays each of their three division opponents twice and 6 other conference opponents one time. Each franchise will NOT play two franchises in their conference each year.

P.2 Schedule Creation
The RWP has a 14 week schedule printed and cut into 14 separate pieces.  This was done to simulate if we played our division rivals twice and ALL of our conference opponents once but since we only play 6 of the 8 conference opponents each year, two must be removed each year.
This process will be performed ONE TIME for the main league and the same schedule will be used for the Minor league.

How it works:

1. The 6 possible divisional weeks will be placed into a bowl.  The RWP will blindly draw one to determine Week 10's schedule.

2. The RWP will blindly draw another for week 11's schedule (ensuring that opponents are different than Week 10)

3. The RWP will blindly draw another for week 12's schedule (ensuring that opponents are different than Weeks 10 & 11)

4. The remaining 3 divisional weeks will be set aside temporarily.

5. The 8 non-divisional weeks will be placed into the bowl and the RWP will blindly draw 2 to determine which two opponents will NOT be faced that year.  These two weeks are omitted from our 12 week season.

6. With 6 non-divisional weeks still in the bowl, the RWP will blindly draw 1 to determine Week 9's schedule.  This is done to ensure no back to back divisional games against the same opponent.

7. With 5 non-divisional weeks still in the bowl, the remaining 3 divisional weeks remaining (Step 4) will be added to the bowl.

8. The RWP will blindly draw the remaining 8 weeks in order to determine our schedules for weeks 1-8 of the regular season.

*The above process is performed to provide as much randomness to the matchups each year while maintaining our dramatic 3 week race for the division titles.  We decided in April 2014 that more variety to the schedules each year trumped forcing the remaining divisional games to always be played in Weeks 1-3 to avoid the NFL bye weeks.

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P. Franchise schedules
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