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 N. Retired, Suspended and other FA's of the NFL

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PostSubject: N. Retired, Suspended and other FA's of the NFL   Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:50 am

N.1 Player Retirement
Any player who goes into retirement (defined as filed papers with the NFL), may not be placed on injured reserve.  They may be dropped at no cost to the owner.

N.2 Suspended Players
If a player is suspended by the NFL, it is an owners responsibility to handle that player as they normally would.  A suspended player MAY NOT be put on the Injured Reserve.  They have no special exceptions in the eyes of the club.

N.3 NFL Free Agents
An NFL free agent may be dropped in Roster Wars with no penalty to the owner.  The player must be recognized by myfantasyleague.com as an NFL free agent in order for there to be no cost for the release.  

N.4 Deaths
When there is a player death nothing actually occurs in terms of player movement so the players status typically does not change on MFL so in this case as long as there is some factual news on it, a player who has died will be treated by the RWDOC as an NFLFA meaning you can release them at no charge.  Contact the RWP if you have any questions about a situation like this.

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N. Retired, Suspended and other FA's of the NFL
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