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 A. Welcome to the RWDOC

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Minnesota Eternals

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A. Welcome to the RWDOC Empty
PostSubject: A. Welcome to the RWDOC   A. Welcome to the RWDOC EmptyFri Jan 20, 2017 5:25 pm

A.1 The Roster Wars Universe
The Roster Wars Dynasty Owners Club (RWDOC) is intended exclusively for active owners in the the top 1% anywhere.  Participation and Contribution is a requirement here.  Although conceived years earlier, in 2011 construction began on the RWDOC and ultimately on January 1st, 2012, Roster Wars was born.  From that moment on, a summary of our League Story has been kept and can be found in our menu under HISTORY.  Utilizing not only offensive players but defensive players (IDPs), owners will take on all the roles of managing a franchise including adding, dropping, drafting, trading and bidding on players whose contracts you set, protect or dissolve.

RWDOC is as much a community as it is fantasy football leagues.  This means that we welcome anyone who would like to join us and isn't going to be a problem, even if owning a team is not your goal.  We have many "Friends of the Club".  

Minnesota Eternals owner, Andrew is the Roster Wars President (RWP).

What follows is the official bylaws of the RWDOC.

* These bylaws are the ultimate authority and final word on all disputes as interpreted by the RWP. All club members are expected to read it and have a firm understanding of the rules and how the RWDOC operates.

* These bylaws are considered active and binding at all times.

* The RWP may override any of these rules at any time if an unforeseen event or situation presents itself that may be detrimental to the club.

A.2 Structure of the leagues
The RWDOC operates with conferences of 12 teams each divided into three divisions of four teams.  Each conference has it's own player pool and teams play exclusively against conference opponents during the regular season.  In week 16 of the NFL season, every RWDOC team faces off against the mirror-image from the other conference (for example the conference champs meet for the league championship, the conference runner-ups play for 3rd/4th place and so on all the way down to the bottom).

When the RWDOC first assembled, the conferences and divisions were decided on a first come, first serve basis.  From that point on, no realignment has occurred or is planned in the future.

A.3 Getting Started and Usernames
If you have read our bylaws and agree to abide by them, the first thing you need to do is register here on our community forum.  Your username must be your complete team name (you have 25 characters including spaces) and team names must be in the format (Location > Nickname) but the "location" DOES NOT need to be where you live or where you're from.  The RWP must approve the team name for it to become official.  
Example names: Los Angeles Stars, Bikini Bottom Badasses, Crystal Lake Madmen, Idaho Spuds, North Pole Polar Bears

This might help...if you have a good team name you can answer these two questions with your team name and it'll make sense:
What is your team called? Polar Bears
Where are they from? North Pole

When you first join, you have some time to finalize your team name.  Once chosen and approved, name changes should be rare and must be approved in advance by the RWP because significant graphic changes will result.

Friends of the club must also choose team names for the sake of uniformity in our community.  The only exception are spouses of RWDOC owners whose usernames can be (Mr./Mrs.)(team name of owner spouse).
Examples: Mrs. Eternals and Mrs. Redknights

Once you've registered and given yourself a username it's time to introduce yourself.  On the main page of our site, the top section of our forum is titled THE FRONT PORCH and you need to start a personal thread (you'll see plenty of examples and directions).  We can't wait to meet you!

A.4 Becoming a prospect
Beginning in 2017, the Roster Wars Minor league is where all prospect owners must start.  In order to become a prospect and join the Minor league you must email the RWP (click the EMAIL BUTTON below any of my posts) to start the interview process.  The RWP will grant ownership into Roster Wars Minor League and officially award franchises. The franchise will be awarded at his discretion based on interest and interviews.  The only way into the main league of Roster Wars is to earn your way there through the Minor league.

A.5 RWDOC Wait List
If you discover the RWDOC mid-season or at a time when no franchises are available in the Roster Wars Minor league, the RWP will have a waitlist.  Because the RWDOC is always looking for the most elite owners out there, the RWP will choose people from the waitlist based on the activity shown by those members.  If you just disappear and expect to be emailed that's probably not going to work out.  Get involved in our community!

A.6 Club Governance
Roster Wars President (RWP)
The RWP will have final say on any ruling to settle conflicts and or disputes and will always have the club's best interest in mind.  The RWP is vested with the following powers:

A. Interpret the rules and settle any disputes concerning said rules.
B. Settle all position eligibility questions.
C. Award franchise ownership and approve team names.
D. Preside over draft and settle draft disputes.
E. Maintain appearance of club sites
F. Be responsible for submitting and counting ballots concerning club matters.
G. Oversees all club business.
H. Handles all club finances including collection of dues and payouts as well as contracting third party services.

A.7 Appealing the Decision of the President
The process for appeal is as follows:

A. Owner notifies the RWP clearly explaining that they are appealing the decision.
B. The RWP publicly notifies the rest of the club via the forum thus starting a discussion about it.  If a vote is necessary, the RWP will start one at the appropriate time.  A majority of the clubs owners must vote to reverse the decision in order to have it reversed.
C. Appealing the decision of the RWP is a very serious action and is expected to be a very rare occurrence.

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A. Welcome to the RWDOC
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