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Haddonfield Slashers

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PostSubject: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:49 pm

A weekly run-down of the events leading up to Monday Night Football.  Remaining players and points needed for victory will also be highlighted.  Every week each underdog heading into the Monday Night game will receive a rating on a scale of 1 thru 5 on the "MIRACLE METER"  Trust me, you don't want a 5 star rating in this article!

311.62 2 Rem.  vs. 273.52  2 Rem.
The Demons look to win their 4h straight on Monday night and make things a lot more interesting atop Chapter 8.  Mark Ingram’s 3 TD day, and Sterling Sheppard’s 11 reception, 143 yard performances have put Denver in the driver’s seat headed into Monday night.  The will lean on the defensive duo of Cameron Wake and Rashad Jones  to hold on to their lead, and secure a share of the division lead in Chapter 8.
Polk High will need a miracle if they plan on a comeback on Monday Night.  The Panthers received no help from RB’s LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore on Sunday, as they combined for a total of 15.1 points.  Their QB play was spectacular, but with so many duds on both sides of the ball in Week 11, they are almost certain to fall to 7-3 and give up a share of the division lead. 
Devante Parker and Jarvis Landry will not be enough on Monday Night, Polk High can save their miracle for another day.
Miracle Meter- 5 out of 5
235.52 1 Rem. vs. 241 1 Rem.
We won’t spend much time here, as these teams are both jockeying for nothing more than a higher draft pick. 
Edinburgh’s Dion Lewis and Kam Chancellor must not have got the memo, as they both provided big games for the Galacticos.  Christian McCaffrey is still in play on Monday Night, but does Edinburgh really want a big game from him?
The Kings do not have a single player over 20 points on the week, and still find themselves with the lead heading into Monday Night’s game.  CB James Bradberry can swing the result either way, but we’re not sure what side Kansas City wants to come out on.
Kansas City needs a miracle to lose, if they are looking to improve draft position over season record.
Miracle Meter- 3 out of 5
217.54 1 Rem. vs. 243.74 3 Rem.
This Chapter 7 matchup has been just plain ugly heading into Monday Night, as neither team has a single player to score over 20 points for the week.
The Mayhem find themselves trailing heading into Monday Night, with only Luke Kuechly to play on Monday Night.  The bigger worry may be the severity of the injury Devonta Freeman suffered on Sunday afternoon, as it looks like he will be headed to the concussion protocol.  Indiana will hope to have him back for their playoff push over the next two weeks. 
Haddonfield knows this game was ugly, but they are a team that will earn a much needed win after going 1-4 in their last five matchups.  They will improve to 5-5 headed into division battles with the Mongols and Ravens in the final two weeks of the regular season.
The Slashers Cam Newton, Devin Funchess, and Lawrence Timmons will be enough to survive the Mayhem this week.
Keep an eye out for the Chapter 7 battle, as it is still up in the air headed into Week 11.
Miracle Meter- 5 out of 5
286.02 1 Rem. vs. 210.08 0 Rem.
The Duffers make it 4 straight, as they even their record at 5-5 on the season after a 1-4 start.  They hope to run the table the rest of the way if they are to have a chance to make the playoffs.  Everything will need to fall into place for St. Louis to find their way into the post-season, but stranger things have happened.
The Viktors weren’t up for the fight this week as they put up a total of 210.  Their playoffs hopes are over for the 2017 season.  I applaud them for not giving up on the season, as they will see if the moves they made on the trade market will help or hurt them long term.
No Miracle here.
Miracle Meter- 0 out of 5
202.26 0 Rem. vs. 289.00 2 Rem.
The Spartan clinch the Chapter 9 Division with another impressive performance.  Southside comfortably rolls to an 8-2 record heading into Week 11, and will be busy making preparations for the post season.  They will be stong contenders if they can avoid the injury bug over the next few weeks.
The Afterglow offense put up an impressive 72.06 points total this week.  Shall I go on?  I think not.
This ones in the books, as it will only be a miracle if the Afterglow win another game this season.
Miracle Meter- 0 out of 5
288.90 0 Rem. vs. 295.26  1 Rem.
The Ravens take down the division leading Mongols and pull within 1 game of the division lead.  Jarrod Goff led the way for Mobtown, along with many solid performances on both sides of the ball.  The Ravens hope to keep it rolling headed into their last 2 games against division rivals Mayhem and the Slashers. 
Big games from DeMarco Murray and Alvin Kamara weren’t enough to pull out the victory for Faber College.  They will fall to 6-4.
Things just got a lot more interesting in Chapter 7, as the Mongol loss puts the Mayhem, Slashers, and Ravens all within 1 game of the division lead.
No miracle here.
Miracle Meter- 0 out of 5
304.72 1 Rem. vs. 276.08 2 Rem.
Chapter 11 looks like the strongest division in all of the Minor League, and Week 10’s matchup of the 7-2 Nukes and Vipers shows just that.
The Nukes hold a 26 point lead heading into Monday night and hope to take the division lead in Chapter 11, as they send Kiko Alonso out to secure the victory tonight.
The Vipers hope the duo of Lawrence Timmons and James Bradberry can have career games if they have any hopes of pulling out the come from behind victory tonight. 
Chapter 11 will be a race to watch as divisional play will potentially send 2 division teams to the playoffs, leaving one unhappy franchise on the outside looking in. 
The Vipers need more venom than their fangs can produce tonight.  A miracle will be needed if they are to gain the victory here.
Miracle Meter- 4 out of 5
341.18 0 Rem. vs. 302.44 0 Rem.
This one is in the books, as the Rottweiler’s improve to 7-3 and will find themselves tied for 2nd place in Chapter 11 after an impressive Week 10 performance.  The WR duo of Golden Tate and Adam Thielen led the way on the offensive side of the ball, and a huge game from LB K.J. Wright on Thursday helped Riverside seal the victory.
A 300+ point performance from the Werewolves wasn’t enough to earn the victory, as they fall to 4-6.  A Chapter 11 Division championship is out of the picture.  Carolina will hope to improve on their All-Play record in the coming weeks, if they have any hopes of making it to the post-season. 
No Miracle needed here.
Miracle Meter- 0 out of 5
246.16 5 Rem. vs. 250.08 0 Rem.
The Silverbacks are a lock to improve to 6-4, as they have 5 players remaining on Monday night.  With the win, they will hold a 2 game lead in Chapter 12 heading into the final two weeks of the regular season.  Carolina will still need to pull off good weekly point totals in the event of two straight losses as they hold the total point lead in the division.
Manhattan Beach couldn’t get anything going on defensive side of the ball, having two players putting up 0 points. The Patriots will fall to 4-6, their playoff hopes have faded fast with this disappointing showing in Week 10.
The Silverbacks will easily pull off the Monday Night Comeback…. Not calling this one a Miracle!
Miracle Meter- 1 out of 5
190.58 2 Rem. vs. 282.90 1 Rem.
EWWWWW! I don’t even want to talk about the Marauders performance this week…….10 out of 20 players on Sunday scored under double digits.  Mohawk Ridge will be lucky to break 220 this week, as their all play record and playoff hopes take a hit in Week 10, as they fall to 4-6.
The Cobras are clinging to hope to take down Chapter Twelve, but everything will need to fall into place if they are to make the post season.  This division is a mess, but don’t count out the Cobras, as many of their studs were on Bye Weeks in Week 10…..
The Marauders are dead in the water, and should look ahead to next week.
Miracle Meter- 5 out of 5
207.34 2 Rem. vs. 250.76 2 Rem.
Chapter 10 is a complete runaway, not much to look at here.  The Pigskins move to 7-3, and the Unicorns fall to 3-7 on the season. 
Philadelphia  has the division clinched heading into Week 11, but will they have enough fire power to keep up with the high scoring teams on the RR side of the Minors?   Only time will tell, but with a playoff ticket already punched they can rest easy for the next few weeks
Latvia needs more than can deliver tonight, and it might be their best option to take the loss and improve their draft position in the 2018.
Miracle Meter- 5 out of 5
283.24 2 Rem. vs. 227.88 1 Rem.
Not much to talk about here, as there are no playoff implications here.
We all hope Ben and his takeover of a Main League team for the rest of the season have a better outcome than his showing in the Minors…. Wasn’t he supposed to be a semi –veteran?  OUCH!
Let’s not forget about the Arsenic, as they snap a 6 game losing streak, but wait…both teams are headed to 3-7 on the season, keep the celebrations down in Alaska.
The Arsenic will hold on for the victory on Monday Night
Miracle Meter- 5  out of 5

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Maplewood Doppelgangers

Posts : 3276

PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:15 pm

This was a gross week. Sadly I think the Bombers will score less than the Doppelgangers.

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Nevada NightHawks

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:21 pm

The Miracle Meter is back!   excited dance

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Riverside Rottweilers

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:34 pm

I like when that miracle meter says 0. Great article Bob, keep 'em coming.

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Carolina Silverbacks

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:02 pm

Good read. Thanks.

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Manhattan Beach Militia

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:51 pm

Once again, well done Bob.

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Denver Demons

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:09 am

Riverside Rottweilers wrote:
I like when that miracle meter says 0. Great article Bob, keep 'em coming.

Those 5s are always nice to see as well rock on

Nice work as always!

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Southside Spartans

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:21 am

Awesome write-up as normal. Thanks

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Polk High Panthers

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:24 am

Nice work man

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PostSubject: Re: MONDAY NIGHT MIRACLE - WEEK 10   

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