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 Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5

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Littleton SilverBallers

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PostSubject: Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5   Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:53 pm

Well another week down and another week of average scoring across the board.  A lot of key injuries, are going to hurt a lot of teams for the rest of the season.  Let's look at the big 3 that got knocked out this week

OBJ - Big loss to the Tyrants here, as they lose a guaranteed 15+ pts per game player.  According to a lot of people here.  I hope you have enough "depth" to cover the loss of this stud, who imo, is irreplaceable.

Brandon Marshall - A big loss for the Degenitals as they're trying to win their first game.  He hasn't really lived up to the hype for this year, but started getting more targets the last few weeks.  So with him trending up, the loss of him has Rob in a tough spot

JJ Watt - Hasn't really been the bad add he's been know to be so far this season, but this is still a huge loss for Andy.  2e all know how valuable of a player this is, so to lose him already is not good.  But I'm sure Andy and his "depth" should be ok.  Depth Rolling Eyes

Now that my "depth" conversation is over.  Let's look how teams did week 4!

On offense only 3 teams broke the 150 mark!?  Shocked Wow, that's crazy.  What the fuck happened in week 4!?!  Oh that's right, it was the dreaded bye weeks and big injuries that altered the scores this week.  

Then 6 teams were over 120 for the week.  Which isn't great, but is still better than anything under that.

3 teams finished with under 120.  So they really needed their defense this week, to help get them close to the 280 - 300 Mark

Now as for the defense, let's look at how many teams broke the threshold of 150 pts.

5 teams scored over 150, with Sty comiing in at 190 pts.  Way to go buddy.......Not!! hehe

5 teams scored around 120 - 140.  That's actually a really good score, considering all the bye weeks in effect.

Now 2 teams, Rob's and Tom's, failed to score over 120 no .

But the most disappointing thing about that.....  Is Rob hasn't scored over 220 on defense since week 1!?  loser doh

Just kidding Rob!  We're all pulling for you to win a game buddy!  Maybe all those defensive players you got from me can help this week!

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Minnesota Eternals

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PostSubject: Re: Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5   Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:43 pm

JJ Watt has had zero to do with the Eternals success so his loss won't be felt...in reality it probably helps seeing as won't be enticed to start him.

This team would be 4-1 had I not tinkered with my lineup prior to Monday...and considering how my season has gone in terms of roster hits...I don't think your "depth can't save you" argument holds any water at this point. I don't even have much depth and I'm surviving losing multiple players you have said people couldn't withstand losing.

Oh well, maybe it's not depth that's helping me...maybe it's magic. lol 2

Good news though, at this pace I should lose a few more within the next couple weeks and then you'll be further convinced you're correct...so there is that. vote yes

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Titletown Tyrants

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PostSubject: Re: Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5   Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:36 pm

Thanks. Oh, and losing OBJ sucks donkey nuts.

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Nevada NightHawks

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PostSubject: Re: Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5   Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:06 am

I expected my offense to suck, but scrolling down towards the bottom to see my defense really hurts. shocking

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PostSubject: Re: Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5   

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Offense vs Defense (DD Edition) Week 5
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