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 Y. Restricted Free Agency (RFA)

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Y. Restricted Free Agency (RFA) Empty
PostSubject: Y. Restricted Free Agency (RFA)   Y. Restricted Free Agency (RFA) EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 6:05 pm

Y.1 Restricted Free Agency
Restricted Free Agency is the process whereby players whose contracts have expired are auctioned off to the highest bidder who will then be allowed to give fresh contracts to the players won.

A. At no time may a team nominate one of their own players for auction.  They have the right to defend them and they have the right to retain them at no cost if they never go to auction.

Y.2 Restricted Free Agents
These are players with an expired contract that were not tagged that will be auctioned off in the RFA auction. In the RFA auction, RFA's can be bid upon by all owners within their conference with the current team given the right to match the offer without increasing the bids.
EX: Peyton Manning's contract reaches 0. He is eligible to enter RFA. Once RFA begins, the Minnesota Destroyers bid 100WB for him. The Dallas Diablos then bid 101WB for him.  Philadelphia Brawlers (current team) can match the bid of 101WB and they become the new high bid. A team would now have to bid 102WB to have a shot for Manning. This would continue as the Philadelphia Brawlers can keep matching any and all bids to reclaim high bidder status.

A. Players that you do not tag will be designated as a RFA.  A master list of all of the upcoming RFA’s will be posted for all owners to see prior to the beginning of RFA.

B. All bids for RFA’s must be placed on the message board in the place designated by the RWP.  When starting a new auction, the thread title must be in the format (Player name, current team) and the first post look like this:
Rebels would like to place a bid on:
RB Jamal Lewis (Brawlers) - 5WB

C. Once a post is made it cannot be edited, if a team wants to bid higher they must place another post on the forum.

D. The bidding ends if 24 hours pass since the last bid was placed. The current teams bids of "match" abide by the same rules.  If another team bids on your RFA, and 24 hours pass without another bid or you declaring "match", the player will be awarded to his new team.
Example: Dallas Diablos bids 100WB on Ray Rice at 8:32 PM CT on Wed. The Dallas Diablos will be awarded Ray Rice for 100WB if no more bids are placed on Rice by Thursday at 8:32 PM CT.  

E. If no other team submits a bid on any one of your players before the end of the RFA signing period, you may retain those players at no cost. Players signed by this method can be offered new contracts.
Example: Jamal Lewis (Dallas Diablos) was a RFA that no one bid on. Once RFA is over, the Dallas Diablos can resign him at zero cost, and to any length contract they wish.

F. Teams must announce the number of contract years they are signing the player by the deadline set forth by the RWP. After this deadline, a player whose contract has not been announced will be given a default 1 year contract at the expense of the largest contract assigned by that franchise during that session if necessary.

G. Owners may NOT bid more WBs on players than they currently possess. In the event an owner bids more than they have, the bid will be voided and the previous bid becomes the top bid.  The owner will receive a warning from the RWP.  Any additional occurrences could result in owner fines.

H. If a bid is placed on a player that has been tagged, the player's current owner will NOT be notified that another team has made an offer to their player. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER TO KEEP TRACK OF THE BIDS ON THEIR OWN PLAYERS.  No exceptions!

Y.3 Stages of the RFA Auction
The method below is meant to keep the RFA auction moving along at a respectable pace.  The call to switch stages is the judgement call of the RWP and not necessarily a hard and fast rule based on auction numbers...the numbers below are what to expect and a guideline for determining if the pace needs to change.
Conferences do not need to be in the same stage at any point.  They are independent of each other at all times.

When RFA starts, each owner may nominate up to TWO players for auction.  An owner who has started TWO auctions may not start another one until at least one of those auctions ends.  An owner may not have more than TWO auctions started during STAGE 1 for any reason.

1. During Stage 1, an owner may not bid on any auction (you may match bids on your own players) unless there is at least one ACTIVE auction they initiated unless they have 5WB or less.

At any point during stage 1 if the number of active auctions is down to 14 or less (per conference), the RWP may advance the auction to STAGE 2.

When the auction is in stage 2, each owner may nominate up to THREE players for auction.  An owner who has started THREE auctions may not start another one until at least one of those auctions ends.  An owner may not have more than THREE auctions started during STAGE 2 for any reason.

At any point during stage 2 if the number of active auctions is down to 14 or less (per conference), the RWP may advance the auction to STAGE 3.

When the auction is in stage 3, each owner may nominate as many players as they wish for auction.

At any point during stage 3 if the number of active auctions is down to 5 or less (per conference), the RWP may declare a one week deadline to start any more auctions.  Auctions may go beyond this deadline but no new auctions will be allowed past this deadline.

Y.4 RFA player movement
Players with 0-year contracts WILL NOT be released, instead they will remain on roster and be transferred using the trade feature as needed throughout the process (RFA "trades" obviously won't count towards our yearly trade tracker).  While trading will remain open during RFA, 0-year players will not be eligible for trade since they belong to the RFA process at this time.  

When RFA ends, the RWP will give a 72 hour deadline so owners may release any 0-year players they do not want to keep and those players will be available in the upcoming draft.  DO NOT RELEASE PLAYERS UNTIL THE RWP GIVES THE GREEN LIGHT TO DO SO.  All players on roster beyond the deadline will require a minimum 1 year contract per our bylaws governing contracts.  In addition to players who weren't put up for auction, this also includes players that the team may have just won during the RFA process.

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Y. Restricted Free Agency (RFA)
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