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 X. The Compensation Tag

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X. The Compensation Tag Empty
PostSubject: X. The Compensation Tag   X. The Compensation Tag EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 5:45 pm

X.1 The Compensation Tag (10WB)
This tag gives owners the ability to receive compensation of WBs when the player receiving the tag signs with another team.  Teams may use one Compensation Tag each year.  Compensation tags cannot be banked for use later.  It is a "Use it or lose it" option.

The RWP will designate a thread for this tag on the forum.  Owners may post their intended tag and edit that post until the deadline at which point the thread will be locked and the tags posted will be applied.

A. The Compensation Tag can only be used on players whose contract has expired.

B. The team assigning the Compensation Tag CANNOT bid on the player at all.

C. The team assigning the Compensation Tag CANNOT retain the player, even if the player receives no bids.

D. When the auction for the Compensation Tagged player ends, the winning bid amount will be paid from the players new team to the former team that applied the Compensation Tag.

E. The cost of this tag is non-refundable.  You get whatever compensation comes from the auction.  If the player receives no bids, the former team loses the 10WB paid for the tag AND they will have to release the player after RFA has concluded.

F. The players new team may give him a contract of any length.

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X. The Compensation Tag
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