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 W. The Transition Tags

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Minnesota Eternals

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W. The Transition Tags Empty
PostSubject: W. The Transition Tags   W. The Transition Tags EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 5:40 pm

W.1 The Transition Tags
This tag gives owners the ability to receive compensation of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick in the event that the player they placed the corresponding transition tag on signs with another team.  Teams can use one Transition Tag each year.  Transition tags cannot be banked for use later.  It is a "Use it or lose it" option.

The RWP will designate a thread for this tag on the forum.  Owners may post their intended tag and edit that post until the deadline at which point the thread will be locked and the tags posted will be applied.

A. While owners have just one Transition Tag, they do have the option of what round/cost the tag represents.  They are as follows:
2nd Round: 25WB
3rd Round: 20WB
4th Round: 15WB
5th Round: 10WB
**Before there were options it was just the 2nd Rd Transition tag. If an owner doesn't specify a round, the default is a 2nd Rd tag.

B. The Transition Tag can only be used on players whose contract has expired.

C. If a player that has the transition tag placed on him is signed by another team during the RFA period the team that signs him must compensate the player's former team with a pick in the round indicated by the tag.  If a team does not have the appropriate draft pick in the upcoming draft, an equal pick for the next draft is acceptable but the team losing the player will be compensated with the final bid price as well.  Pick compensation must be within a 2-year period.

1. If a team doesn't have a pick in the next 2 drafts for the round indicated by the tag, that team CANNOT bid on the player in question.

2. All bids made on Transition tagged players must include the amount of the bid as well as the specific draft pick accompanying the bid.  If the team has a pick(s) for the upcoming draft, those must be used.  Only teams with no qualifying picks in this draft may use picks from the next draft.

3. As long as your draft pick is involved in a current high bid, it is not eligible to be traded.

4. In the event that the team has no picks for the upcoming draft but multiple picks in that round for the next draft, since those picks are undetermined in order, the team bidding will accompany their bid with the specific pick being included (ie. 2014 Rd 2 pick of the Minnesota Destroyers).

5. You must be in possession of a valid compensation pick to start bidding on a player who has been tagged.  Violations will result in owner fines.

D. The xWB paid goes towards the player. If a teams wants to bid on your player the bid must start at xWB+ as the player is already at xWB by his current team.  In the event the player signs with another team, the tagging team WILL receive their xWB back for tagging him if compensated with an upcoming draft pick.  If the compensatory pick is delayed a year, the tagging team will get the entire final bid price as added compensation.

E. If the team that placed the Transition Tag on said player wins the auction they are responsible for the difference in the final price.  (team already paid the first xWB)

F. The team that is awarded the player may give him a contract of any length.

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W. The Transition Tags
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