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 R. Playoffs

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PostSubject: R. Playoffs   R. Playoffs EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 1:53 pm

R.1 RWDOC Post-Season
The playoffs begin on week thirteen (13) of the NFL season. The playoffs conclude in week sixteen (16).

R.2 Qualifying for Post-Season main bracket
Six (6) out of the twelve (12) teams in each conference will make the playoffs main bracket.  

A. Within each conference, three (3) division winners clinch a playoff berth.

B. Within each conference, the next two best teams based on standings (wins/points) will get a playoff berth.  

C. Within each conference, the team with the best all-play record of the remaining teams will receive a playoff berth. A teams all-play record is their Win/Loss record had they played every team in the league every week.

D. Once these 6 teams have been decided, at that point seeding will be determined based on their regular season standings. Winning your division gets you into the playoffs, it doesn't necessarily mean you deserve a bye.

R.3 Seeding/Schedule

A. The playoffs will begin in Week 13 and conclude in Week 16 with the crowning of our Champion.  Teams that lose are not finished in the RWDOC as losers move down in the bracket.  Some teams will receive a bye week so that every team is concluding in Week 16.  In Roster Wars, even teams on bye are expected to have a valid lineup and are eligible to win Weekly High Score.  In the Minor league, teams on bye are expected to have a valid lineup every week as practice for the main league to prevent future "Stupid Tax" from being paid.  Every team will finish their season in week sixteen (16) playing the team from the other conference who ended in the same position on the mirrored bracket.  

B. RWDOC uses a unique "Opponent Call-Out" seeding system for playoffs.  What this means is that the highest seed in each round gets to call out their opponent from those available.  Choose your fate!  

1. If the "call-out" is not done by the deadline given by the RWP, the owner will be penalized and the next franchise in line will be given the ability to "call-out" their opponent.

Week 13: First Round...within each conference,
Game 1: #3 seed "calls-out" their opponent between seeds #4, #5 or #6
Game 2: (two teams not playing in Game above)
Byes: #1 and #2 seeds

Week 14: Second Round...within each conference,
Game 3: #1 seed "calls-out" their opponent between Seed #2 and the winner of Game 1 and the winner of Game 2 above
Game 4: (two teams not playing in Game 3)
Losers of Week 13 games move to appropriate match-ups

Week 15: Third Round...within each conference,
Game 5: Conference Championship Game (Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4)
Game 6: Loser of Game 3 vs Loser of Game 4
Winners and Losers of other match-ups move to appropriate match-ups

Week 16: Final Round
Game 1: Roster Wars Championship Game (Winners of Conferences face off)
Game 2: Roster Wars Third Place Game (Conference Runner-ups face off)
Winners and Losers of other match-ups move to appropriate match-ups

R.4 Playoff Tiebreakers  
If a playoff game ends in a tie score, the higher seed will win the match.  This club takes the stance that the challenger is responsible for beating the "better team".

R.5 The Losers Bracket Tournament
The six (6) teams in each conference that do not make the playoffs will enter into the Consolation Bracket. This tournament will follow the exact same criteria as the main bracket above.

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R. Playoffs
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