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 O. Annual Rookie & Free Agent draft

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Minnesota Eternals
Minnesota Eternals

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O. Annual Rookie & Free Agent draft Empty
PostSubject: O. Annual Rookie & Free Agent draft   O. Annual Rookie & Free Agent draft EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 3:13 pm

O.1 The Rookie/Free Agent Draft
The annual rookie/FA draft will start on May 15th at 12:00am CT.

A. The draft lasts 7 rounds.

B. Trading is allowed during this time.

C. Every round of the draft will go in order 1-12 (not a serpentine draft)

D. There will be no time limit for each pick in the draft.  This is done to facilitate trading during the draft.  It is a lot of fun but if you are not actively seeking out a trade, you are expected to pick ASAP.  The RWP reserves the right to institute a time limit on any owner who is believed to be abusing this feature.  Rarely should 24 hours pass between draft picks.

E. All rookies and free agents may be drafted during this draft.

F. When both conferences have finished their drafts, the RWP will announce the exact start/end times of a 24-hour blind bid auction for any free agents.  When the 24 hours end, the highest bids will win their player and the league will be in FCFS mode.

G. Rookie/FA draft picks may not be skipped

H. Releasing a draftee before the contract deadline will come at a cost a 5WB (equivalent of a 1 year deal)

O.2 Draft Order Formula
The draft order is based on the regular season results for all teams within each conference except the Conference Champion and Runner-up.  The Playoffs are primarily for bragging rights and money.  The Conference Champion will pick last in the draft and the runner-up will pick second to last in the draft.  All other teams will follow this formula...

Each team will be assigned a draft rating. It will be calculated as follows...

A. All teams are ranked from 1-12 in overall record from past season. (Tiebreakers are total points, power ranking and coinflip in that order). The team with the best record is Ranked 1, the team with the worst is Ranked 12.

B. All teams are ranked from 1-12 in total points. (Tiebreakers are power ranking, record and coinflip in that order.) The team with the most points is Ranked 1, the team with the lowest is Ranked 12.

C. These two numbers are added together to get a "Draft rating".

D. This system will be used and teams will draft in order of highest draft ranking drafting first down to lowest drafting tenth, with tiebreakers being lowest power ranking and coinflip in that order.

Brawlers 9th record, 11th points = 20
Eternals 11th record , 8th points = 19
Generals 12th record, 12th points = 24
Maulers 7th record , 7th points = 14
Maniacs 8th record, 10th points = 18
Mercs 10th record, 9th points = 19
Punishers 5th in record, 6th in points = 11
Eradicators 2nd in record, 2nd in points = 4
Gangsters 6th in record, 4th in points = 10
Nightmare 4th in record, 3rd in points = 7
Hellions 3rd in record, 5th in points = 8
Degenerates 1st in record, 1st in points = 2

Draft Order would be:
1.1 Generals
1.2 Brawlers
1.3 Mercs (tiebreaker) (lower power ranking than Eternals)
1.4 Eternals (higher power ranking than Mercs)
1.5 Maniacs
1.6 Maulers
1.7 Punishers
1.8 Gangsters
1.9 Nightmare
1.10 Eradicators
1.11 Hellions (Runner Up)
1.12 DeGenerates (Champ)

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O. Annual Rookie & Free Agent draft
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