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 M. Injured Reserve

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PostSubject: M. Injured Reserve   M. Injured Reserve EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 11:43 am

M.1 Injured Reserve
Injured Reserve is defined as a player who is done for the season and cannot return for the duration of the current season.  To go along with the NFL and their rule change, if a player is activated from the IR in the NFL then that player must be activated in RWDOC also.  The only exception is during the RWDOC playoffs and that exception only exists for teams that do not have the cap space and warbucks to make the space.  If you are able to, you have to activate them and this should be the norm.

M.2 Use of Injured Reserve
For a player to be put on IR, he must be placed on Injured Reserve by his NFL team and it must be recognized by the myfantasyleague.com service. The only way a player can be activated from the IR before February is if he was activated in the NFL and the myfantasyleague.com site recognizes this change.

A. Once Week 16 ends, injured reserve players may be activated if you wish as there is no contract cap.

B. During the month of February, all IR players must be reinstated to the active roster.

C. Any player who is acquired, but is recognized by MFL as IR in the NFL at the time of acquisition, may not be deactivated in Roster Wars.  At seasons end, the players tracked by this rule will be cleared.

M.3 Number of Injured Reserve spots
Each franchise has an unlimited number of Injured Reserve spots on their roster although myfantasyleague.com allows for a maximum of 30 IR spots.  This threshold should never be an issue but notify the RWP should it become one.

M.4 Injured Reserve Cap Relief
When a player is placed on IR, the team will get one year of his contract made available to them to replace him if needed.  When you place your player on IR, you must also announce the move in your team thread on the forum.  Because the MFL system does not count IR contract years against the cap, it is up to RWDOC owners to make sure their roster is legitimate using the following guideline:

*** A teams contract cap is defined as 120 years + the number of players who are on IR  (ex. If a team has 4 players on IR, that team may not exceed 124 total years on the roster report.)

M.5 Trading IR Players

A. Players on IR can be traded but must be placed immediately on IR with their new team.

B. An IR player traded that is recognized by M.2.C above must still adhere to that rule with their new team.

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M. Injured Reserve
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