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 L. Trading

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PostSubject: L. Trading   L. Trading EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 11:34 am

L.1 Trading

A. Trades may occur at any time EXCEPT from the start of Week 13 until January 1st at 6:00 am CT.   The start of week 13 is defined as once any Week 13 NFL game has gotten underway which very likely will be a Thursday Night game.

B. All trades will process as soon as two owners have reached an agreement.   It is recommended all trade discussions be done through email or private messaging of some kind, as clicking the wrong thing on the MFL site could make it official!  Trades made after the lineup deadline can only play starting with the next week.

C. Owners absolutely must respond to trade offers in an appropriate and timely manner (defined as within 3 days).  Ignoring offers will not be tolerated.  

D. Players with a contract of 0 years may be traded...the players status remains the same with his new team.

L.2 Collusion
If an owner wants to challenge a trade because they suspect collusion, they must make a formal request to the RWP.  The RWP will decide the best way to decide if collusion is involved, most likely inquiring the parties involved and posting the entire case at a third party forum to get an objective opinion and/or vote from them but also reserves the right to make the judgement for the betterment of the club if that is necessary.  A club vote will never be an option.  If owners are ever ruled to be colluding, they will immediately be removed from the club and league funds WILL NOT be returned, including the insurance money.  

A. Selling off your team (making an unfair trade in order to make another team better) is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. This is a form of collusion.
B. "Loaning" players. (i.e. "I'll trade you my backup QB, but you have to give him back after your bye week.") and Two-part trades. ("You give me Manning this week and I'll give you Fitzgerald next week," or, "Here's a 3 player for 3 player trade, but I don't want to give you my RB until next week. Let's trade the other 2 for 2 now and agree to swap the remaining players next week") are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! This is a form of collusion.

L.3 Additional Notes
Owners are responsible for monitoring their team cap, especially in regards to injured reserve creating a soft cap scenario.  If any player(s) need to be released to stay under the cap to make a trade, the cuts have to be made prior to the trade being processed.

Trading for undetermined draft picks will not be allowed!  

Future picks may be traded three (3) years in advance. (MAJOR LEAGUE)
Future picks may be traded two (2) years in advance.  (MINOR LEAGUE)

From the time the new MFL site is made available until our annual Rookie/FA draft concludes there is actually four years worth of draft picks available for trade.  If it displays on your trade screen, it is allowed.

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L. Trading
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