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 K. Lineups

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PostSubject: K. Lineups   K. Lineups EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 9:26 am

K.1 Lineup Structure  
Starting lineups will consist of 11 offensive players and 11 defensive players.
The following are the minimum and maximum you may start at each position on a given week.

1-2 QB
1-5 RB
1-5 WR
1-5 TE
1 PK
1-5 DT
1-5 DE
1-5 LB
1-5 CB
1-5 S

K.2 Valid Lineups
All RWDOC teams must submit a valid starting lineup each week prior to the first kickoff of the week and adjustments may be made with players until kickoff of their individual games. Lineups do not carry over from week to week. You must submit a new one every week.  A valid starting lineup is required in weeks 1-16 by all teams even if your team is on bye because of our payouts.

A. A valid starting lineup is defined as having all starters that are not on a bye, on injured reserve, retired or declared inactive more than 24 hours prior to that players game. Owners are also expected to be aware of their players' news feed on the MFL site (found by clicking on the players name) and ensuring that no players will be in their starting lineup who have a "clearly printed case that they will not play" or an indicator which is a red "O" on the lineup submit page with more than 24 hours notice before that players game. The articles in the news feed are time stamped and those times will be binding in disputes. The RWP may also seek to use other tools (likely screenshot) to capture what exists at 24 hours before most games in case of disputes. The RWP will only penalize teams if he has what he feels is hard evidence that a violation occurred and this is at his discretion.

Examples of news feed wording that would constitute a violation if it is present 24 hours or more in advance of players game start...
(FFToday) It's official: Percy Harvin will not play Sunday in Green Bay.
(Rotoworld) Percy Harvin (ankle) has been downgraded to out for Week 13 versus the Packers.
(FFChamps) Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (ankle) has officially been ruled out for Sunday's game.
(KFFL) The Pittsburgh Steelers have declared WR Antonio Brown inactive for Week 12.
(FFChamps) Pittsburgh wideout Antonio Brown (ankle) returned to practice this week and said he was expecting to play Sunday but he won't be active when the Steelers take on Cleveland.
(Rotoworld) According to Profootballtalk.com, Antonio Brown (ankle, questionable) will not play on Sunday against the Browns.

No exceptions!!!

K.3 Violations
Failure to submit a valid lineup will result in the owner being fined by the club. Having NO LINEUP submitted prior to an early game such as Thursday Night Football will result in a fine whether or not you have players impacted by said game.

If a situation presents itself that may interfere with an owners ability to avoid such violations, it's the owners responsibility to bring it up to the RWP as soon as possible so that it may be addressed or possibly approved ahead of time.

K.4 Additional Notes

A. The President reserves the right to modify valid starting lineup rules to account for extreme circumstances.

B. Players are locked into or out of the lineup once their game kicks off as recognized by myfantasyleague.com.

C. A lineup must be submitted every week. For every player not legally submitted will receive a zero score (0). This will be deemed a violation and a fine will be levied on the owner by the club.

D. Mistakes in the starting lineup are the sole responsibility of the owner.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  Submitting your lineup while drunk/high or from a cell phone or Ipad is at your risk and will not be deemed an acceptable excuse by the club.

E. During the playing season, if an owner exits in such a fashion that a clear legal lineup is not in place then the previous weeks lineup will be utilized.  The RWP will determine if the existing lineup is legal or if the previous weeks lineup is needed.  If the previous weeks lineup is needed, players who have already played in the current week will still be inserted into the lineup regardless of their results.  The only adjustments made to the previous weeks lineup are to replace players on bye, on injured reserve, suspended or declared OUT more than 24 hours in advance of that players game in the current week and the RWP will choose an owner from the opposite conference to make a decision in that event.
(ex. If an owner abandons their team and has no lineup for Thursday football and subsequently resigns Friday leaving a vacant team, the RWP would refer to this rule, set the lineup that was used the week prior, even if some of the players already played the night before, and if there are any qualifying players that need to be replaced the RWP will nominate someone to make those decisions.)

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K. Lineups
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