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 J. Practice Squads

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PostSubject: J. Practice Squads   Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:15 am

J.1 The Practice Squad

A. Each Roster Wars franchise has a Practice Squad that may contain up to 10 players.  Myfantasyleague.com refers to it as a Taxi Squad.

B. Drafted players only may be placed on the Practice Squad during the contract assignment period that takes place between the end of the draft and July 31st each year.  It does not matter if the drafted player is a rookie or a veteran in the NFL.  While players picked up FCFS after the draft are allowed new contracts, they will not be eligible for the Practice Squad.

C. Players drafted in the 1st round are not eligible for the Practice Squad.

D. A player may stay on the Practice Squad indefinitely.

E. Practice Squad players have 0 year contracts.  They do not count against a teams contract cap.  

F. When a player comes off the Practice Squad (promoted, poached, dropped or traded), they may never return to the Practice Squad.  The only exception is in a straight PSplayer-for-PSplayer trade (covered below).

G. Releasing these players comes at no cost.  They have no contract.

J.2 Promotion from the (PS) Practice Squad

A. Promotion of these players to the active roster can occur at any time.

B. Promoting a PS player to your active roster on a 1 year deal is FREE.

C. Promoting a PS player to your active roster with a multi-year deal comes at a cost:
10WB: 2 year deal
15WB: 3 year deal
20WB: 4 year deal
25WB: 5+ year deal (You may sign players to any contract you wish)
...except during the CONTRACT ASSIGNMENT PERIOD that takes place between the end of our annual draft and the July 31st contract deadline.  During this period, Practice Squad players may be given any contract free of charge by the owning team.  
-Poaching of these players is still allowed. If a poach attempt has been made, the owning team must defend accordingly. (see below)

J.3 Poaching

A. Poaching compensation:
All drafted players have the specific pick used to draft them notated on the rosters report.  In order to "poach" a player from another franchise's practice squad, one must offer a compensatory pick AT LEAST ONE ROUND HIGHER than that of the one used to draft the player originally.  Poachers CAN offer additional draft picks to increase the odds of a successful poach.  The pick(s) offered must also be the soonest qualifying pick(s) the "poaching" team has to offer. (ie. You cannot offer a draft pick 2 years out if you have an eligible pick(s) in the upcoming draft).
ONLY DRAFT PICKS may be offered as compensation in poaching attempts...no players, no warbucks, etc.

---Ex1. A player drafted at 7.06 can be taken in exchange for NO LESS than a 6th round pick.
---Ex2. A player drafted at 5.08 can be taken in exchange for a 4th round pick + any round pick/s the poacher offers if they feel it increases their chances of a successful poach
---Ex3. A "poaching" team may offer a 2nd round pick for a 6th round pick if they feel it increases their chances of a successful poach
---Ex4. A player drafted at 7.06 CANNOT be poached for a 7th round pick by itself in any draft year

B. Any team may attempt to poach a player from another franchises practice squad (within their conference) so long as they have the room for the player on their team and the costs needed.  The owner must declare (in a specified thread) their intent to sign another teams PS player, the contract they're offering that player (all costs apply) and the compensation they're paying that team for the player.  
Poached PS players contracts come at the following cost:
5WB: 1 year deal (no cost to owning team to block)
10WB: 2 year deal
15WB: 3 year deal
20WB: 4 year deal
25WB: 5+ year deal (You may sign players to any contract you wish but you must announce it)

C. Poaching a PS player can happen year round.  Recently drafted or added players that have not yet been given contracts or placed on their teams PS are "safe" from poaching.

*** 72 hours prior to the start of our annual rookie/fa draft, the next seasons picks will become the earliest picks allowed to poach as if the current draft is already done and those picks are gone.  This is done to ensure no delays to our draft.

D. When an owner indicates intent to poach, the player in question may not be traded (or released but why would you do that) to avoid the situation or to pass the situation onto someone else.

J.4 Responding to a poaching attempt
The players current team has 72 hours (3 days) to respond (except in the event of an extended absence where prior notification was given to the league in which case the RWP will reach out or determine what a fair window of time is based on the situation involved) to do one of the following...

A. The current team can block this "poaching" by activating and signing the player to the contract specified by the poacher (no more, no less).

B. The current team can ship the player to the "poaching" team in exchange for the compensation specified.

C. Not respond in which case option #2 will be carried out by the league office and the owner failing to respond will be penalized.

J.5 Trading PS players
When trading PS players, the myfantasyleague service will place these players on the active roster.  The following terms apply to our game...

A. A trade that is exclusively PS player(s) for PS player(s) will allow for the players to be placed back on the Practice Squad for their new teams.

B. All other trades involving PS players, the player must remain on the active rosters for their new teams.  This means trades that include ANYTHING other than PS players (ie. draft picks, Warbucks or active roster players)

C. When trading for a PS player from another franchise, the costs for that players MANDATORY activation will still apply (ie. Free for a 1 year deal, 10WB for a 2 year deal, 15WB for a 3 year deal, etc) and must be announced immediately.

J.6 Other Notes

A. If a PS player is dropped from the myfantasyleague database they player will be released from your Practice Squad

B. A PS player who is promoted or poached between the conclusion of one season but before the next seasons site is available (allowing contract rollbacks) will be given an extra year over the assigned contract SO THAT when contracts are rolled back they have the proper contract relative to when they were promoted/poached.

C. PS players are not eligible to be placed on injured reserve as they don't have a contract

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J. Practice Squads
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