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 I. Rosters

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PostSubject: I. Rosters   I. Rosters EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 10:56 am

I.1 Roster Size
The RWDOC does not have set roster sizes.  Instead franchises have a contract cap and all players must have a contract and fit under the team cap.

*** MFL allows a maximum active roster size of 90 players. Therefore, because a team can have more than 90 players in Roster Wars, you'll have to contact the President if for some reason you need more than 90 spots.  It's unlikely that anyone would.

I.2 Roster Makeup
These spots may be filled by players from the following positions: Quarterbacks (QB), Running backs (RB), Wide Receivers (WR), Tight Ends (TE), Place Kickers (K), Defensive Tackles (DT), Defensive Ends (DE), Linebackers (LB), Cornerbacks (CB) and Safeties (S).

I.3 Position Limits
There are no limits per positions. Each team must be able to field a valid starting lineup.

I.4 Illegal Rosters

A.  Any franchise found to be over the contract cap will be penalized with a monetary fine.

B.  Because of the soft cap caused by Injured Reserve, owners are responsible for maintaining a valid roster.

C.  From the conclusion of Week 16 until one week after contracts are rolled back is the only exception to this rule.  This is done to facilitate trading at a time when contracts are frozen.

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I. Rosters
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