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 D. January Owners Meeting

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D. January Owners Meeting Empty
PostSubject: D. January Owners Meeting   D. January Owners Meeting EmptyWed Jan 25, 2017 8:37 am

D.1 Club Proposals
All club proposals should be made privately to the RWP.  If the proposal is something that isn't off the trajectory of the clubs path, at the RWP's discretion, then the idea will be put up for discussion during the January Owners Meeting.  Keep in mind that rule changes will not occur during a playing season.  Exceptions to this may be limited to owner conduct issues but nothing involving the game or it's strategy can be changed during the playing season.  The order in which proposals are brought to the table is at the discretion of the RWP.

D.2 Discussion of Proposals  
All owners are expected to voice themselves on important club matters, and while sometimes an owner doesn't have a strong enough opinion to post something which is fine, if an owner is rarely heard from on such matters, their status in Roster Wars may be re-evaluated by the RWP during the non-playing season.  While these types of topics tend to cause debate, all owners are expected to keep the debate civil.  It will be at the discretion of the RWP to decide whether a proposal fits the mission of the club and has garnished enough interest to be voted on.  Proposals that go to vote will have their results posted in the discussion and then be locked and documented in the club archives.  

D.3 Voting
The RWP is the only one who may start a vote on a proposal to the club.  Every main league owner MUST vote.  Failure to comply with this will result in owners being fined.

* In order to pass, a proposal must receive 75% (18/24 owners) approval in order to change an existing rule.  

* At the RWP's discretion, there potentially could be polls where majority would decide the outcome.  An example of this would be a vote concerning a matter that is not covered at all in the bylaws so a decision needs to be made.

* At the RWP's discretion, there potentially could be polls where the result would need to be unanimous.  This will likely never happen and the only example thought of so far would be if there was a call to increase the yearly dues per owner for the club.

D.4 Rule Change Disclaimer
If a proposed rule change is approved, it becomes a permanent part of these bylaws and assumes equal status with all other articles of the bylaws.  However, if the RWP believes that the approved rule change significantly affects the dynamics of the club, he has the right to delay its implementation up to one full season.

The RWP has the right to enact rule changes for the purposes of the betterment of the club. A minimum of 18 owners must publicly protest such changes for them to be reversed.

While owners in the Minor League are welcome to submit proposals to the RWP, the owners of the main league will be the only ones voting on club matters.  The Minor League will not have a separate meeting and go in a separate direction from the main league.

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D. January Owners Meeting
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