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 C. Owner Changes

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PostSubject: C. Owner Changes   C. Owner Changes EmptyTue Jan 24, 2017 4:52 pm

C.1 Team Abandonment
If a RWDOC owner refuses to respond to repeated e-mail messages/phone calls or voluntarily quits the club, that team will be declared abandoned. As the result of team abandonment, the following shall occur:

A. The RWP shall announce to the club that said team has been abandoned.  
B. The RWP shall assume control of the team and a replacement owner shall be found as soon as possible.
C. The new owner will inherit the team's roster and draft position "as is".

C.2 Expulsion from the Club
Removing an owner is a very serious consideration and one that the club will seek to avoid.  In the event it becomes necessary, the club may expel an owner.

A. The President will determine if an owner needs to be removed and notify the club owners.  If no other owner publicly states why they feel the owner in question should not be removed, then the removal will continue without further incident.
B. If any owner does challenge the removal, the removal may be put up for a discussion/vote.  This is at the discretion of the RWP based on details of the situation.
C. If an owner is removed from the club, the President shall assume control of the team and a replacement owner shall be found as soon as possible.
D. The new owner will inherit the team's roster and draft position "as is".

***Reasons for expulsion are failure to pay for club fees or penalties, team abandonment, cheating of any sort, collusion between franchises, failure to fulfill the expectations of owners or anything deemed detrimental to the club by the President.

C.3 Vacant Team Protocol

A. If there is one vacant team, it will be awarded AS IS to the next qualified owner on the RWDOC Activity Tracker.  If the opening is in the Minor League, the next qualified owner on the RWP's list will be called up.

B. If there is one vacant team in each conference, the first qualified owner on the RWDOC Activity Tracker will be offered their choice of franchise.  Franchise will be awarded AS IS.  The next owner on the RWDOC Activity Tracker will be offered the other franchise.  The same dynamic will occur for the Minor League based on the RWP's list of "qualified owners".

C. If there are multiple teams vacant within the same conference, their assets will be pooled and the incoming owners will participate in a serpentine draft to acquire ALL of those assets.  This draft will take place on our forum and specific details will be spelled out by the RWP when necessary.

1. Assets included in the dispersal draft
- all players with their present contract
- all specific draft picks for the upcoming draft
- all draft picks in future years (unless all involved franchises have their full compliment of that years picks intact and undisturbed)
- Warbucks (the combined WBs will be split up into packages at the discretion of the RWP based on the total available, likely in 10,20 or 30 count packages)

2. Determining dispersal draft order and division placement
Once its determined that we have a situation that requires a vacant team draft, owners (in the order of promotion to owner status) will have their choice between:
1. position in the vacant team draft
2. which franchise and subsequent division they want (taking into account divisional opponents, future draft picks and whatever else)

If there are more than two owners involved in this process, the RWP will inform everyone of additional steps needed if the situation calls for it.

3. Additional notes
1. This draft will continue until all assets are drafted.  Participants are responsible for ensuring their team is compliant with contract cap rules, which should be easy since this process will likely take place after contracts have been rolled back and before the draft.  If a franchise exceeds their team contract cap (years), they will be subject to normal rules governing said violation.
2. There will be no trading for involved franchises for the duration of this process.
3. When the dispersal draft concludes, all involved franchises will then be given their yearly allotment of WBs unless the process is being done after the annual rookie/fa draft.  Dispersal drafts taking place after the annual rookie/fa draft will have all WBs (including yearly allotments) included in the process.
4. If there is one vacant team in one conference and multiple vacant teams in the other conference, the first approved owner will have the choice to take the one team AS IS or participate in the dispersal draft on the other side.  If they select to participate in the dispersal draft, the next approved owner will have their choice and so on.

C.4 Expansion

A. In the event that 12 teams of "qualified" prospect owners exist in the Minor League whom all have 2 complete seasons played, the main league will vote on expanding the main league and bringing those owners aboard.  Every year the conditions are met, the main league will vote on expansion in January.  Survival of the Minor League league will be taken into account.

B. If/When this occurs, the additional conferences will follow all of the same rules and structure but the regular season and playoff schedule is subject to change.

1. A 36 team league would keep the same schedule.  The only difference would be in Week 16 where instead of a H2H game, there would be 3-headed Death Matches.

2. A 48 team league would have an 11 week regular season, allowing for 5 weeks of playoffs.  Conference champions would be determined in Week 14 and the Conference Champion with the best regular season record would have choice of opponent between the other 3 conference winners.  The entire conference would pair off accordingly leaving the other two conferences to square off.

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C. Owner Changes
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