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 Front Porch (FIRST thing you should read)

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PostSubject: Front Porch (FIRST thing you should read)   Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:12 pm

Welcome to Roster Wars Dynasty Owners Club (RWDOC), home of the best dynasty league in the world (as voted by commishtalk.com in 2015).  What you have discovered is the single most active fantasy football league anywhere....and we just might be looking for you!  So are you going to take the red  pill or the blue pill?

The RWDOC is a place where serious fantasy owners (men and women) can compete with like-minded competitors without having to worry about some of the common problems facing our hobby these days.  Roster Wars is not interested in hand-holding any lazy and/or inactive owners who bring nothing to the table for the group, does not have a shameless commissioner who is gonna run away with the money and doesn't have a rulebook with more holes than a screen door.  

At Roster Wars, you earn everything!!!  You have to earn your way in.  We don't accept someone just because they have some cash. Sure you can sign up and participate for free but even then you have to earn your right to stay by not being a trouble-making troll or general punk looking to stir up drama.  You have to earn your colors.  A team only earns their colors by being approved to own a franchise in the RWDOC.  Once an owner, you have to earn your patches and accolades...some of which you might have to work even harder to retain.  The ultimate honor is for an owner to earn their cut, the black jacket if you will that is awarded to our main league champion each season.  I should probably advise you that you can also earn a little something called Shame around the main league too if your team performs worse than everyone else but nobody plans on doing that, am I right?  wink  If you do, your colors and patches will be stripped for 1 year.

Likewise, in Roster Wars you are responsible for your fate.  Others will not suffer because you fail to deliver around here.  Oh no! There are monetary fines for those that come up short in a variety of ways and the fines can increase based on your track record. You'll either deliver on your obligations, pay "stupid tax" or exit because you don't belong and that is as fair as it could ever be.

So you've read this far, and you're thinking "Maybe this isn't for me" with fear in your precious little heart.......well fear not!  The RWDOC is a community as much as it is serious dynasty leagues and as long as you want to be here and participate we want you here with us.  We enjoy having friends of the league here with us as well as former owners so please feel free to join us any time.

Now if you've made it this far and if you're like the rest of us and thinking, "Oh, hell yeah!" then here's what to do...Let me tell you the process.  In this section is an ordered list of what it takes to become a friend, a prospect, an owner and hopefully one day a champion of the best dynasty league in the world.  There are no shortcuts.  It doesn't matter who you know.  Doesn't matter how much money you have.   Your record and titles elsewhere mean absolutely nothing to us.  After all, at best you beat people who couldn't likely even get into this league let alone accomplish anything if they had and odds are that you lost to some too.   Evil laugh

Now...are you gonna get the fuck off my porch or are you gonna get the fuck off my porch?

This is ROSTER WARS!!!

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Front Porch (FIRST thing you should read)
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