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PostSubject: STEP #2: TEAM NAME DECISION   Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:10 pm

So you read the bylaws, huh?  Got a firm grasp of what we are doing around here?  You obviously didn't flee for your life if you made it this far so let's continue....

You need a team name...even if you aren't trying to make the main league...even if you are just here to hang out. If you read the bylaws, specifically A.3 then you know what to do, right? Right? raise eyebrow If you just can't decide on a name, don't worry...let me know and I'll give you a little time to pick just the right one.

What is your franchise and where do they hail from?  Hopefully you don't choose something so obscure nobody knows the reference or cares but maybe you live in the middle of nowhere and you are looking to put that town on the map...but since it has been misunderstood for a while, I want to make sure that people understand it can be a fictitious place too...maybe your team name is a movie reference or from a book (doubt anyone in this league reads) laughing

The President (hey that's me!) has to sign off on the name and of course that is because there is always people that either don't get it or try to sidestep the spirit behind it.  We have graphics here based on these teams and articles written by folks about the matchups and the ability to not only know what the teams represent but where they supposedly hail from can be helpful in those two areas at least.

Serious names, funny names, scary names or whatever else...but do it right.  Don't go to one of the many sites out there that spit out the same semi-but-not-really-that-funny fantasy football team names like "Scorgasm", "Chronic Masterdeflator", "Mike Vick in a Box" or the highly burned out "Show me your TD's".  Save that shit for your ESPN/Yahoo leagues with folks who haven't heard that shit 1,000 times already.

So...whatcha got?

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