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PostSubject: STEP #4: JUMP RIGHT IN   Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:08 pm

Once you have posted your introduction thread, you are automatically elevated to "friend of the club" which unlocked some of the most active sections of our forum for you to participate in...and that's just what you should do.  

You will quickly discover that we are every bit as active as advertised and you'll be welcomed to the group without feeling like an outsider.  We talk shit and nobody gets their feelings hurt over silly little nothings...people here do not try to start issues and the general vibe is an all-around joking and relaxed conversations about a wide variety of topics.

What do we mean by activity when it comes to posting on the forum?

We do track posting activity on a monthly basis with the magic number being 30 per month.  Those who exceed 30 have never heard a peep out of me. Those under 30 have and will continue to be addressed because it's not up to our standards.  Showing up twice a month and banging out 30 posts will not cut it either.  This club is for folks who can check in and participate on a regular basis. Lastly, if your plan is to just get the minimum every month you are still missing the spirit of the RWDOC and you should probably move along.

Those not looking to earn their way into the main league do not have to meet these posting requirements. FYI

Is it acceptable to spam the boards to get your numbers?

No.  We all make posts that are not exactly a thoroughly thought out breakdown of some theory....in fact a great deal of our posts are a one line shot at someone else or a smiley laughing at a good joke someone made.  The thing to focus on is are you part of the conversation?  Are you adding something or are you letting someone know the emotion they brought out in you with their comments? If you are just being lazy and doing the bare minimum or if you are rattling off multiple comments in the same thread like you are talking to yourself or spreading out one thought into 4 just to increase your posting numbers, believe me it will stand out and we will be having a conversation.

Can you explain the spirit of the this rule?

Sure.  We want active owners here.  Owners that we know are out there and give a damn about this club.  For some folks, 30 posts in a month sounds like a lot and can end up being a challenge but most of our owners have no difficulty at all doubling that number and for some much much more.  Anyone can set a lineup or know about some football players but owners here are expected to bring something to the table because when everyone pitches in, the WHOLE is much better.  We have proven that here thus far and will continue to do so into the future.

If you are just looking to hang out with us as a friend of the club, your activity will not be tracked and you are not held to the same standards.  In that case, you just need to conduct yourself in a manner which is not disparaging to the club. If you're looking to enter the fray then we'll see what you've got. Even if you're not main league material you might have a long career ahead of you in our RW-PreSeason league.

Anyway, all of this was just a long-winded (get used to it from me) means of saying, dive right in and show us what you've got and you'll quickly find out what we have...you surely will get out what you put in and then some!

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