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 DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)

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Titletown Tyrants

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PostSubject: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:16 am

I figured I would get involved and just give a quick rundown of my thoughts of this division’s offseason activity and how each owner did trying to make their franchise better moving forward. Taking a peak at everything just made me love this league even more. So here is what I see, let me know your thoughts, rip me to shreds, or get involved!

Let’s start from the top and work our way down the latter.

Atlanta Africans-
Draft: DGB, Shaq, Mike Davis, Coates, and Dawson. I love me some DGB, and Shaq has a lot of potential. After that it is a little sketchy, because I don’t feel like Mike David gets a chance in SF and Coates and Dawson are major coin flips in my opinion. But even though how much I love DGB, he scares me.

Acquisitions: Grayson and Zenner. I like Grayson’s future. As a Brees owner in another league I snagged him to hold onto as well. And I do like Zenner a lot, but he may not get to see quality playing time for 2-3 years.

Notable Trades: Got Griffen, Jarvis Landry, Kendricks, Olsen, Peterson and added 2016 picks. The Olsen trade was the biggest win for me giving up only Gresham and a 2nd. Grabbing Peterson is a win now mode, and he have up a bunch of picks to Vag. I like it in his situation.

Baja Beatniks-
Draft: Jesse James, Henry Anderson, Vince Mayle, Darren Waller. Probably my least favorite draft out of everyone, but Jesse James has the tools to be something. If he can put it together, his physical limitations are few and far between. Mayle could turn out to be something in the future, but only time will tell.

Acquisitions: Corey Brown, McDougald. Nothing to brag about here, just some depth. Hey, maybe with Benji dying Brown will get a chance to shine and get some playing time....

Notable Trades: Got Dion Jordan, Lawrence Timmons, and Bidding money for Justin Forsett. I think that is a win, but I am not a huge Forsett guy. He had a good year last year, but is near the cemetery. Good trade that made your team better.

England Dragons-
Draft: Devante Parker, Perriman, Peters, Jalen Collins. One of my favorite drafts. I like Parker more than White. Peters was my favorite corner in the draft (and could actually be a decent corner in fantasy), and Collins is a beast. Shored up the WR youth as well as the back end of his defense.

Acquisitions: Moreno, Pollard, Malik Jackson. I don't see any of them helping you.

Notable Trades: Got Posluszny which I love, but you gave up Perriman to get him. In reality you gave the 1.08 for Pos, which is good, but I really liked the Perriman pick. You gave up Stevie, BMarsh (LB) to get Andre, which I love for win now because you ARE in win now mode. But there were two trades I did not like: Gave up Justin Houston and got Jordan Cameron. Just my personal preference. The other was trading Moncrief for a 2016 2nd. I was not a fan of that. The last trade that I question, is giving Brady for 1.12. You got a 6th back, but meh.

Sanibel Gadabouts-
Draft: Devin Smith, Jake Ryan, Lockett, Odighizuwa, Kroft, Alexander, Petty, Walker. I really like the Lockettt pick. With that WR group, he could stand out and become the guy of the future.

Acquisitions: Colvin and Will Hill. I think the Will Hill addition helps you.

Notable Trades: Two trades which I think made your team better right away. 1- Got Ansah for Cyprien, and you got Terrance Williams for a 2016 2nd. Terrance Williams gives you an immediate impact as well as future hope at the position. The trade I was not a fan of was giving Gerald McCoy for a 2nd, but it is what it is.

Kingdom City Growlers-
Draft: Cooper, Abdullah, Maxx, Beasley, Gregory, Denzel Perryman, Malcolm Brown, Trae Waynes, Golden. My 2nd favorite draft of the group. You really did a fantastic job here Carla. Coop is a monster, Abdullah seems to be a fav, Maxx looks like he can be a good TE in that system and was the TE1 in the draft. But I like the defensive picks in Gregory, Perryman, Brown, and Waynes. Well done.

Acquisitions: Activated CJ Spiller from IR. This helps you right out of the gate.

Notable Trades: Looking through your trades did you really give away Jarvis Landry for just bidding money? I realize you need that, but were you in a tight bind? I really like Landry so I frowned upon this. YOu gave Cam and Alf for Manning, Maclin and a 2016 1st which I believe will be beneficial to you. Manning will do well for you this year, and hopefully your 2016 pick pans out. Was never an Alf Fan. You also traded Mychal Kendricks for a 2016 2nd round pick, which sounds about right.

Littleton Silverballers-
Draft: Anthony, Collins, Matt Jones, Conley, McKinney, Shelton, Hicks. I like your draft, apparently you needed to shore up your defense, and that is what you did. I am high on Conley but Alex Smith hampers his production. My favorite pick is McKinney. I try to get him in every draft, I think he will be an absolute freak show and he is in a very good position.

Acquisitions: William Moore. That's alright.

Notable Trades: Gave Manning to get youth in Cam which is alright. Your QB future was scary with just Mallett so now you have a young guy for the future. I don't like that you gave up Mayo for a 2016 3rd round selection, you could have gotten more IMO.

Cyberton Screamers-
Draft: Ajayi, Kenny Bel, McBride, Green, Dupree, Edwards, Brown. My favorite pick out of your draft was Dupree. I think he has the tools to be very good and is in the perfect system. Ajayi could prove to be very solid as well.

Acquisitions: Goldson, Folk and Seabass, Jo Don Duncan. Kickers are people too, and you recognize that. Like the Goldson addition.

Notable Trades: You traded for Forsettt. You traded Timmons, Jodan, and $10 in bidding, and then 2 days later you traded Forsett for your 2nd round pick turned out to be Ajayi. Got younger. You gave Ball for nice bidding money. But my favorite trade of the year, is that you got rid of TRich. I applaud you.

Minnesota Eternals-
Draft: Kevin White, Williams, Josh Robinson, Dante Fowler. I think you reached on White, but like you said, he is your guy and you got him. I really like the Leonard Williams pick and I think he is being underdrafted. The Fowler pick will pay dividends in the future, don't let anyone snag him for immediate results.

Acquisitions: Aiken, Seantavius Jones, Nugent, Ryan Williams. Man, I thought Ryan Williams was going to be someone some day.

Notable Trades: Gave up Jordan to get Houston which I think is fantastic. But the trade I want to highlight here is Justin Hunter. I was part of the community when this went down. I know you gave up nothing, but Andy, this guy is a bum. Burn him up! laughing

Muskego Muskies-
Draft: Coleman, Dorsett, Rae, Armstead, Ty Montgomery, Harold, Hardison, Randall, Za'Darius Smith. I like the draft a lot. Coleman is in a good boat there in ATL, and I am a Dorsett fan. Go Pack Go with Montgomery and Randall, you are the man.

Acquisitions: Tre Flowers. Not bad sir.

Notable Trades: One trade I did not like is giving up a 2016 2nd for Worrilow, I just think he is worth way less. I love the fact that you gave up some bidding money to get Ball. I think he rises above all doubters and wins that job. Maybe not now, maybe not 6 games from now, but he will be the guy. But just as fast as I like that trade I see that you traded for TRich. COME ON MAN! vote no tongue  But the last trade I will highlight was my favorite of yours. You got Brady for what ended up to be Landon Collins and $10, and then traded Brady in 5 days for Phillip Dorsett. That is a win in my book. Touche.

Devils Tower Outlaws-
Draft: MG3, Javorious Allen, Justin Hardy, Diggs, Rowe. Decent draft here, MG3 is the guy I am head over heels with. I have him over Gurley.

Acquisitions: Pruitt, Duke Williams, Virgil Green, Barth, Geathers. I like getting Pruitt here.

Notable Trades: I really don't like that you gave Terrance Williams away for a song (2016 2nd), but I think your Witten trade for a 5th and a 6th was fine. It will help you this year and possibly next for some guys that may not be on your roster. But my favorite was getting Tron for two 2nds and a 3rd. Even though good players were drafted there (Strong, Funchess,Cobb), getting a guy like Tron is hard to do, so well done.

Tarpon Springs Redknights-
Draft: Jameis, Agholor, and Mariota. Quality over quantity my friend, and I love it. You need one of these QB's to pan out, and if the other does it is a bonus. I think Famous Jameis is that guy. Agholor is my favorite pick in the draft because of value.

Acquisitions: No waivers. You took your 58 players and went home.

Notable Trades: I don't like that you gave up Greg Olsen for Gresham and a 2nd, but when the draft was done that 2nd turned out to be Mariota so it ended up well for you. But my favorite trade of the offseason goes to you my friend. Landing AB for a 1st and a 2nd is gold. Well done, he will help you immediately, and he is youthful. clap

Draft: Gurley, Yeldon, Kendricks, Strong, Duke Johnson, David Johnson, Funchess, Cobb, Artis-Payne, Langford, Smelter, Preston Smith, Sample, Devante Davis. Accumulating all those picks is a rebuilding strategy and I think you did well with it. Obviously RB was a point of emphasis.

Acquisitions: Edwards, Lee, Ishmael, Taylor, CJ, Anderson, Magee, Coleman, Davis, Harper, Rogers, Tamte, Amos, McClain. I like McClain, but I fear 99% of the others will be on the wire in the near future.

Notable Trades: You were in obvious rebuild mode from taking a dump in 2014. Giving away Tron for picks was the right thing to do in your shoes, even with it being extremely hard. Same thing with Andre. You gave him up for a future pick and got two younger players. I like that you acquired Romo for this year, he could give you some chances to win games.

Overall Analysis: There are a lot of winners and losers in the offseason, but we never know how things pan out until years down the road. I will say that some people made some tough decisions. Vag did the right thing and rebuilt his team for the future, and that is tough. I think the biggest winners this year were Devils Tower, Tarpon, and Muskego not only for their drafts, but good trades made along the way but that is just my opinion.

So that is it. I will say this, I admire you people. This is the kind of league I strive to be in. Tons of trades and activity, I love it and look forward to kicking your asses in the future.  laughing

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Baja Beatniks

Posts : 3587

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:40 am

Thanks for the reporting, Nick.  I really like looking at each team's moves in this format.

An additional aspect that is interesting to me is the state of our WB stashes.  Half of the teams are going to be very limited in regards to blind bidding this season.  Hell, two in Chapter 3 can't even afford to cut a 1 year guy if needed.  We're poor sumbitches overall.  Will certainly carry over to our RFA session next year.  I opted to pass on some free agents to preserve a bit of a bank, and I'm afraid my record will reflect that this season.

Nice work, Nick! cheers

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Whiskey Creek Gadabouts

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:45 am


Nice Job. This is a very cool review. To piggy-back on Corey's comments, one of the aspects to consider in addition to WB balance is that with some of the trades, they were RFA compensation. Teams could not afford to spend more WB and as a result had to take the compensation in lieu of keeping a player.

Great write-up.

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Atlanta Africans

Posts : 6049

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:03 am

Yeah thanks Nick - lots of effort in this!

I realize that outside in, it's probably hard to follow what was a trade vs RFA :)

Suggest you add in "offseason review" or something to the title perhaps

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Minnesota Eternals

Posts : 24448

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:42 am

Bravo! clap

That is a lot of research time and effort man. Well done. If only you hadn't talked shit about my beloved Justin Hunter. no


Thanks for this Nick.

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Morrison Minions

Posts : 7113

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:56 am

This is bad ass! I love seeing stuff like this. Thanks for spending what was probably 2-5 hours on this.

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Titletown Tyrants

Posts : 12470

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:21 am

Thanks guys, it was actually really fun and I wanted to get it done sooner but I had a bunch of garbage come down the pipeline. Yeah, I probably missed a bunch of things but it was definitely a learning experience on the site as to where things are and how to navigate through certain areas I have just browsed but never dug into. Very enjoyable.

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Littleton SilverBallers

Posts : 3841

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:58 am

Nice work!!  I love reading these as well....  Really fun to see an outsiders view of how you are running your team and their opinions of how you did drafting  high five

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Bergen Brawlers

Posts : 6030

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:09 pm

Great article. Very helpful for those new to here to get an insight into strategy and an idea of what each franchise does in the offseason, at least when they're not looking for material for the NSFW thread.

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Philadelphia Pigskins

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:25 pm

Really great job on this. The only big thing I disagree on was your choice of conference.


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Titletown Tyrants

Posts : 12470

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:28 pm

If no one wants it, I would love to do TT when I get time.

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Norfolk Bombers

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:21 pm

Titletown Tyrants wrote:
If no one wants it, I would love to do TT when I get time.


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England Dragons

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:49 pm

Excellent work Nick - appreciate you taking the time to do it. Some very nice insights.


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Las Vegas DeGenerates

Posts : 3228

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:01 pm

Wow bro!!! Great write up man. Tons of work went into this and its a testament to your value going forward in Roster Wars!

Bravo man!

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Naperville Divine

Posts : 3232

PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:46 am

That was a really good writeup.

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Tarpon Springs RedKnights

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:26 am

Nick that was awesome. Great job with your research! wow very impressive glad you are here man!

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Muskego Muskies

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:21 am

Great job! You put a lot of work into that, entertaining read.

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Devils Tower Outlaws

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:15 pm

Thanks Nick, fun and entertaining read. Appreciate the effort you put into it!

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PostSubject: Re: DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)   

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DD- Birds Eye View From a Tyrant (Offseason Review)
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