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 Owner Penalty Information

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Minnesota Eternals

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PostSubject: Owner Penalty Information   Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:02 am

Minnesota Eternals wrote:

B.2 Owner Penalties and Owner Accountability
A. If a substantiated report of an owners failure to comply with club rules or expectations is made, the owner will be penalized by the club.

B. The penalty for such infractions in Roster Wars are monetary fines.  These monetary fines will be added to our progressive pot where they are available to be won by all owners in the club.   If the owner decides they do not want to pay the fine, they may offer their immediate resignation to the President.  This will not be considered exiting the league in good faith, and thus the insurance money as well as the current years dues will not be refunded.

C. Infractions will stay with a team on a rolling calendar for 1 year.  What this means is that from the date of an offense until that same date 1 year later, that offense is considered when looking at an owners standing with the club and when determining what the proper fine amount will be.
Penalty Tracker: http://rosterwars.forumotion.com/t1270-owner-penalty-information

D. The fines are as follows:
First offense: $10
Second offense: $25
Third Offense: $50
Fourth Offense: $75
Fifth Offense: $100
A fine is capped at $100 (equal to one years dues).  Additional penalties will continue to result in $100 fines.  An owner earning multiple fines at this level may lose the right to control their own fate and be removed from the club if the RWP feels it's more appropriate.

E. As long as an owner pays the penalty imposed, they may remain in the club.  Refusal to pay any penalty will be considered as an immediate resignation to Roster Wars.  No exceptions.

F. There are absolutely no exceptions that will be considered.  This is the harshest rule of its kind that we are aware of and it is intended to make weaker owners think hard about whether they belong in the club or how important it is to them since their actions are below expectations.

G. An owner who receives a fine is expected to pay it by the upcoming Friday at 11:59pm CT OR the deadline set by the RWP.  If the owner needs an extension (up to 1 week longer) they must email the President and request it.

H.The offenses that will result in a penalty fine are as follows:

- Six (6) days absence without prior approval.  (Repeated 3+ days could result in an owner being penalized for 4 days absence but their will be plenty of warning of such a scenario developing)
- Failure to respond to trade offers and/or emails within 3 days (72 hours) (without prior notification absence *RWP discretion*)
- Failure to vote on any official league poll by the deadline set forth by the RWP.
- Reaching 15 days without a post on our forum. (without prior approval of course)
- Less than 30 posts in a calendar month (based on our monthly activity article)
- An invalid lineup
- Missing deadline for paying dues
- Not activating IR players by the February deadline
- Failure to set contracts by July 31 deadline (Overlooking 1 player is an oops and won't be penalized.  This is for poorly managed situations at the RWP's discretion.)
- exceeding franchise contract cap
- Failure to participate in Survey game
- Failure to call-out opponent (when applicable)
- Failure to draft in a timely manner (RWP's discretion...if this comes up it will not be a surprise..warnings will be given)
- Failure to deliver ProBowl lineup (if applicable)

This is merely for tracking purposes.  When 1 year passes infractions will be crossed out.

Valhalla Viktors 12/18/17 lineup violation
Faber College Mongols 12/11/17 lineup violation
Andromeda Afterglow 12/11/17 lineup violation
Carolina Werewolves 12/11/17 lineup violation
St. Louis Duffers 12/7/17 lineup violation
Muskego Muskies 11/4/17 owner conduct violation
Latvia Unicorns 11/4/17 lineup violation
Maple Grove Mean Machine 11/4/17 lineup violation
Andromeda Afterglow 11/4/17 lineup violation
Carolina Werewolves 11/4/17 lineup violation
Tarpon Springs Redknights 11/4/17 contract cap violation
Norfolk Bombers 11/4/17 lineup violation
Atlanta Africans 10/30/17 lineup violation
Andromeda Afterglow 10/17/17 lineup violation
Carolina Werewolves 10/17/17 lineup violation
Edinburgh Galacticos 10/4/17 contract cap violation
Kalamazoo Nukes 10/3/17 owner conduct violation
North Carolina Cobras 9/12/17 Lineup violation
Maple Grove Mean Machine 4/17/17 RFA violation
Indiana Mayhem 4/15/17 RFA violation
Maple Grove Mean Machine 4/10/17 RFA violation
Naperville Divine 4/10/17 RFA violation
Muskego Muskies 2/1/17 owner conduct violation
North Wales Knights 12/31/16 owner conduct violation
Devils Tower Outlaws 12/1/16 owner conduct violation
Devils Tower Outlaws 12/7/16 owner conduct violation
Norfolk Bombers 10/23/16 lineup violation

North Wales Knights 8/17/16 owner conduct violation
Hamilton Steel Cats 8/17/16 owner conduct violation
Naperville Divine 8/17/16 owner conduct violation
Atlanta Africans 8/17/16 owner conduct violation
New England Nineties 7/16/16 owner conduct violation
Hamilton Steel Cats 7/12/16 owner conduct violation
Titletown Tyrants 12/27/15 lineup violation
New England Nineties 12/20/15 lineup violation
Devils Tower Outlaws 12/20/15 lineup violation
Singapore Slings 12/7/15 lineup violation
Sanibel Gadabouts 11/29/15 lineup violation
Cybertron Screamers 11/15/15 lineup violation
Las Vegas Degenerates 11/15/15 lineup violation
California Nightmare 11/1/15 lineup violation
Las Vegas Degenerates 11/1/15 lineup violation

Norfolk Bombers 10/8/15 lineup violation
Cybertron Screamers 8/23/15 owner conduct violation (B.1.B and P.1.C)
Hamilton Steel Cats 6/25/15 owner conduct violation
Las Vegas Degenerates 3/13/15 IR violation

Adelaide Empire 12/21/14 lineup violation
Singapore Slings 12/21/14 lineup violation
Vegas Beach Tiger Sharks 12/7/2014 lineup violation
Florida Chaetomorpha 12/7/2014 lineup violation
Norfolk Bombers 12/1/14 lineup violation
Las Vegas Degenerates 11/30/14 lineup violation
Muskego Muskies 11/16/2014 roster violation
Carolina Werewolves 11/16/2014 owner conduct violation
Adelaide Empire 11/2/2014 lineup violation
Adelaide Empire 9/22/2014 lineup violation
Utah Spazz 9/21/2014 lineup violation
Carolina Werewolves 9/14/2014 lineup violation
Decatur Demons 8/28/2014 owner conduct violation
Chicago Crime Syndicate 8/28/2014 owner conduct violation
Luxembourg Miners 5/11/14 owner conduct violation
Cybertron Screamers 2/19/14 owner conduct violation

Chicago Crime Syndicate 10/7/2013 lineup violation
Chicago Crime Syndicate 12/2/2012 lineup violation
Singapore Slings 9/24/2012 lineup violation
Carolina Werewolves 9/9/2012 lineup violation

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Owner Penalty Information
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